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Delicious sandwiches near to the beach

High - quality ingredients

Our products are carefully selected to offer the best quality to our customers 

Products for everyone

To the grandmother to the grandson, for big and small eaters. For those who eat halal, vegetarian...

A smiling team

A welcoming and smiling team. 

Who will serve you from morning to evening with professionalism and good mood. 

A perfect spot

Located near the beach of Biarritz, La roche plate is the perfect spot to eat your sandwich at the edge of the beach

What's Cooking

Our Sandwiches

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Fresh sandwich 

With or without vegetables, with or without meat, for all tastes and all ages 


Delicious dessert

From the waffle to the cookie through the panini nutella, our sweets are perfect for a snack at the edge of the Great beach of biarritz


Warm and generous sandwhich

If you love meat, Vegetarian, Halal, our sandwiches are made to please everyone. 

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